Is It Too Old To Start Something New?

happy workoutThey say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Wrong. We’re calling out that old wives’ tale – and we’re here to tell you why.

Start NOW or be SORRY Later – Your Body is Your Asset.

No matter your age or physical condition, it’s never too late to start exercising and get fit. These easy tips will help you get started safely and make it fun.

We all understand the importance of exercise, and it doesn’t become any less important as you age.

Regular exercise can help you stay stronger and healthier — even if your workouts don’t include all the elements they used to.

Mental crisis in middle age often limits a person’s physical activities including sports. It’s a bit worrisome to exercise vigorously, but it can be impressive to tell others that you’ve done it.

On the other hand, a person’s physical condition in middle age begins to decline when compared to when he was young. The density of bone mass has decreased, even the function of the heart and lungs be not as good as it was a dozen years before.

However, exercise remains a necessity for everyone at any age. Including in middle age, one must do something, namely exercise to increase muscle strength, maintain heart rhythm and ensure that various organ functions are running properly.

Some following physical activities may be a bit hard to do in middle age, especially if you really have health problems. But if you feel that your physical condition is still fine, there’s nothing wrong with doing something extreme at this age.

1. Lift weights

Weightlifting exercises don’t always have to be done with boring dumbbells or barbells, you can also use more extreme tools like kettle bells, aka steel balls used to shackle prisoners in prison. The point is to train the muscles to become stronger, so that they can support the body and lighten the load on the increasingly fragile skeletal framework.

2. Run

The benefit you want to get while running is to maintain heart function, so running as a cardiovascular exercise is enough to do with light intensity as long as it’s routine. But if you want to get more benefits, middle age still allows a person to do sprints or marathons for tens of kilometers.

3. Cycling

Because it is more often seen as a hobby, cycling for some people be not considered as strenuous exercise and is done almost every day. While still in middle age, pedal like you’re exercising without rushing to stop before your clothes get wet with sweat, your body smells bad and you feel aches all over your body.

The top offs all never forget to do A WARM-UP before you start and always do the COOL-DOWN after finishing up the workouts.

So, let’s start it, get sweat and be healthy.

27 thoughts on “Is It Too Old To Start Something New?

  1. I have had a hard time putting myself first and sticking to a workout because I felt it took me away from my kids and I was being selfish.  However,  I realized I needed to keep myself healthy to be there for as long as I can for them.  I started out slow with just 10 min a day and making a promise to exercise WITH them every day,  whether that is a quick walk,  jumping on the trampoline,  going swimming,  riding bikes,  or playing catch or Frisbee. Eventually the 10 min turned into a half hour,  and I am feeling more energetic,  happier about myself,  more engaged with my children and happier overall. 

    1. Gotcha… I’m happy for you. You realized what you need for yourself and on the other hand, you have solved your problem, either. Amazing.

      I can see here that you have more quality time with your kids. Great. Having good times with kids is important cuz  the times never go back.

      So, keep it up. Stay healthier, happier and lively.



  2. While some people see old age like a restriction to do something new, others see the possibility of doing something great with their body. Exercise is what keeps the body afresh. But if I were to ask a question it would be, how do you motivate an old person that they can also participate in regular exercise?

    1. Hi… Thanks for your question. I know it’s not as easy as ABC. BTW how old is s/he? Well, as the simple things tell s/he about friends or person s/he knows who likes workout and ask her/him to accompany you for morning/evening walk before introducing to the real exercises. Open the conversation and build better relationship. Talking about the importance to be healthy. Well, we should be extra patient because it’s not easy dealing with the elderly. Once s/he knows the benefit of it, let s/he know about gym, the same age community exercise, and many more (what is relevant in your areas) . Good Luck  🙏

      Do the best for others, especially to the elderly…

      Best of luck 


  3. Of course, you are never too old to start something new. It all depends on your own beliefs and attitudes I learned to take cold showers daily when I was 78 and am still doing them at  79.5. I like to have friends in all age groups, and present am active in cryptocurrencies, psycedellic plant medicines, plus lucid dreaming.

    I suggest all seniors who are not online either try to get a grandchild or their own child to assist them, join a group of seniors in a beginners group (introduction to computers), or try doing it on your own. It can open up a whole new exciting world for you. You may even develop a new hobby or develop a passion. The journey can bring new meaning and zest to your life.

    1. Yes, Sir.

      Everything depends on how we react. What are we gonna do. The choice is in us. 

      Thanks for your comment.



  4. Hi Hanny,

    Thank you for the encouragement for us “older people” to take care of ourselves. I am nearly 66. I think about my health often, but I never seem motivated to get out and do the exercise. I even have a membership to a gym that keeps charging me $10 every month, but I can’t seem to get motivated to go or even do the exercises at home. My massage therapist keeps telling me to stretch more because I’m so tight. But still I lack the motivation to get it done. Reading your article may be the encouragement I need. Did you need to give yourself a “kick in the rear” to get started with being more active? 

    1. Hello,

      There is nothing you can do otherwise you have to push yourself. Since you know that you have to stretch your body. Nothing good comes easy  🙏😊🙏

      We have to put our effort to fight against ourselves, I can say that it might be our procrastination. Make a move. To start or restart is not easy, so that is why I said that we have to fight against ourselves.

      BTW, to keep me motivated is looking my transformation. I haven’t been like this before. Now I can see a better new me. It hasn’t finished yet so I have to keep going. I think this is a kick in the rear for me. 😂LOL 

      Let’s move… stretching is not hard when you do with your understanding (intention)

      Stay healthy… keep movingly ✌️💪🏼


  5. Health is wealth. If you will be healthy, you must start exercising now. I learnt it from my father inlaw. At eighty-five he will wake up to do his early morning exercise. He is still alive and very active. I love how you put it, start it and get sweaty and healthy. Procrastination will not help. What we need is to start now

    1. Yes, it can be said… Just do it. As long as we know our capacity either to maintain our health. 

      Regards to your Father in-law.


  6. How I agree with your posting!  I own a global wellness business and have many people over the age of 80 active in it.  Keeping the mind active is an important part of staying young.  One of my most active people is 94 years old.  He goes to the gym three times a week and plays golf (nine holes) twice each week.

    1. Amazing… So it is never late to start something new to maintain our health and keep in mind the positive thoughts.



  7. It keeps life interesting to try something new. Physically stressing the body in a good way is good for the whole family. If they see you in action, it often encourages others to follow along as well. There are plenty of kinds of exercise equipment on the market, and there are plenty kinds of body-weight exercise to do that requires no equipment. The ones who stay active are often the ones who live the longest!

  8. It’s never too late to start something new. Granted I’m not that old but I definitely notice a slowdown in how my body can recover from doing rigorous exercises compared to when I was younger. I’ve noticed the importance of exercise though as I’ve gotten older as well and I feel better about myself. Instead of lifting weights, I’ve actually been using resistance bands to tone my muscles. It doesn’t strain the body so much and while I feel the burn I don’t end up in pain either. Thank you for the other exercise ideas and do you have any tips on how to turn exercising into a habit?

    1. Hi…

      As we growing older our bodies will slow down. I can understand, however we can’t push like when we were young. Let’s adjust the workout and aware of our bodies. Listen to our bodies. 🙏 This what I can say.

      Tips on how to turn exercise into a habit, Love your exercise, and it will love you. If it loves you or you love it, I believe it can be your habit. ✌️😂💪🏼 



  9. Finding ways to stay fit once you reach or pass middle age can be challenging, but worth the effort. If a person will be systematic in their approach to exercising after reaching middle age they can avoid or lesson the effects of aging. I found this to be true after heart surgery. Nutrition also plays a big role in your health once you pass middle age.


  10. Hi,

    What a great article you have wrote here and thank you so much for sharing.

    I relate with you. I am 58 year old and I do walking and or biking in the morning and 3 times a week Zumba it helps a lot for me to maintaining my good health and be happy together with my family.
    Love ourselves first before we can take good care of others especially our beloved family.

    Take care always and good luck!


  11. The world has been a victim of a lack of exercise causing anxiety, high sugar, obesity, and heart problems. 

    This blog post offers highly practical solutions to do exercises to keep you healthy. The key is it is never too late to start turning on your mind for a workout. Thinking of a long-term healthier life and practicing exercise towards it is a huge benefit.

    At the comfort of your own home. one could lift the weight to exercise your muscles. This helps reduce your low abdomen weight and helps lean your organs like the liver. Building muscles enhances your true strength. 

    Running is easier and you don’t need any equipment. Warm up and start. You enhance your blood circulation and get fresh oxygen which benefits your heart.

    Cycling can be built as a normal routine. You really enjoy it and even if you are in middle age your practice can get you a great work out.

    Thank you for a very helpful blog.

  12. This is an article that can be important to all of us!  One of the things I learned from my Father about getting old was—never retire!  Always keep your mind young, aggressive and growing.  For me, that means building my business as though I was a young man just getting started.  I do struggle with the physical exercise however! 

  13. I am a middle-aged woman, and yes, I often hear people say that when you are in this stage in life, it’s already too late to start something new. This, of course, isn’t true! it’s never too late to start a new career, a new business, a new goal, or to get fit. When we are this age, all the more we need to be having a healthy lifestyle that includes a fitness routine and a balanced diet. 

    The kinds of exercises we do may not be the same as those who are in their prime but we must exercise to keep our bodies in shape. Weight lifting, running, and cycling are some of the fitness exercises anyone can do regardless of age. Me, personally, I do daily crunches, push-ups, and weight lifting but I would really like to go back to running. I stopped my weekend runs when the pandemic hit and I’m looking forward to doing it again once I’ve cleared my schedule.

    What about you, what kinds of routine exercises do you do?

    1. Wow, it’s another amazing things from an amazing woman, Alice.

      I do my workout from Monday to Friday. I do steps, TRX, Zumba, Strong Nation, Thai Boxing, Pilates, Yoga, Weight lifting (include push up, squats, lunges, crunches, plank), and HIIT. I love them all.

      I have been 5 years started my workout, before that I had never done it.

      Let’s keep our spirit up. Be healthy and happy.

      Best of luck,


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