Do We Still Have Our Self-Love?

Do We Still Have Our Self-Love?

Self-love is often equated with self-acceptance in various forms. Including accepting a body shape that is sometimes different from most people.

On the other hand, body shape acceptance is a different journey for everyone. Accepting does not mean we hide behind our weaknesses and make it as an excuse or even run away from the reality. Conversely, as a woman, you also have the right to determine what you will do to your body. So, let’s wake up from your sleep, get out of your comfort zone.

One form of self-love for the body that is often forgotten is doing the exercise. For people with lots of activity, these sports activities are often overlooked. Even though exercising means you are taking care of your body’s health. No need to do strenuous exercise, you can start by stretching, swimming or jogging. Don’t just sit and lie down and be a couch potato, but try to move every day.

Everyone’s awareness of self-love is different. Some come when they are still young and some even realize when they are not young, but all is well especially for those who still want to try.

The dream of having a body goal is every woman’s dream. Do you have to go on a strict diet to have that ideal body shape? Of course, not because based on my experience joining the gym community and information from several personal trainers at my gym. The biggest mistake that many people—especially women—make to get the ideal body is to only focus on one particular thing and do exercises on only one part of the body shape.

In order to get body goals, you also have to focus on reducing fat throughout the body, because training certain parts of the body will not give you a slim body but will make those parts bigger.

In addition to do Zumba, resistance training (weight training), running or the treadmill is a form of cardiovascular or cardio exercise that helps burn more calories in the body. Here’s some information to make our life happier and meaningful for us.

Adjust Your Diet – Pay Attention to Your Nutritional Intake

Do you have to rely on a strict diet to get the body goal? No! Manage a balanced diet and consume food according to your body’s daily calories. In addition, you are also very concerned about your intake of nutrients such as protein and fiber which are very important in meeting daily needs.

There are many types of protein that can be consumed such as meat, eggs or chicken. For fiber, you can get it in vegetables such as spinach, beans, or other green vegetables. Vegetables contain high fiber which is good for body health and digestion. Or as an alternative, consuming granola can be an option. Not only because it tastes delicious, granola also contains a variety of important nutrients that the body needs. Moreover, this high protein and fiber content can help you feel full longer so that you will avoid the desire to overeat.

Reducing Calorie Drinks

Replacing high-calorie drinks such as sweet coffee or soft drinks with juice without sugar is a smart choice if you want to lose body fat so that your weight is maintained.

Having a low-calorie drink like juice before a meal can also increase feelings of fullness, and help us eat fewer calories overall.

In addition to making the body full and not easily hungry, consuming fruit juice is also beneficial for strengthening the immune system. More than that, fruit juice can also support the detox process—removal of toxins from the body.

Exercise Regularly

What we do for our bodies will be useless if it is not accompanied by regular exercise. Yes, creating an ideal body, definitely it requires exercise.

But there’s no need for doing extreme sports all day if you want to get the body we desire. It is enough to do balanced diet and regular exercise by training all parts of the body.

Believe that all types of exercise, whether it’s Zumba, Body Combat, Cross Fit, Pilates, Lifting Weights, all of them have health benefits. It’s just the selection of sports must be adjusted to the needs and strengths of each individual.

Having Enough Rest

Not only regulate diet and regular exercise. An adequate rest is one of the most important things to achieve body goals, because while sleeping, our bodies will restore wasted energy. In addition to a balanced lifestyle, it not only creates an ideal body but also a healthy body. For reaching that, the body should not be forced too much, if you feel tired, take a rest! Rest doesn’t have to be slept. The point is to take advantage of the rest time to do me time, such as doing a series of body treatments, such as skin care so that we have healthy skin.

Maintaining health and controlling weight for health reasons is a form of self-love. We should really know how to do good to ourselves-maintaining health is part of self-love.

If we can apply self-love in our lives as women, this will not only have an impact on ourselves but also on others. When we fully love ourselves, we can inspire and support each other to build a spirit of self-love in many people, especially women.

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  1. I want to offer my sincere gratitude for the insightful and comprehensive material you’ve provided here about loving oneself. This is actually a very significant post that needs to be read. This experience was quite educational for me. We all love one another, but for some reason, we never seem to remember to love ourselves. This post brought that to my thoughts again. Keep publishing like this.

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